First a person, then a patient.

With us the person and his/her well-being are what counts. Whether visiting a dentist is a relaxed routine or a painstaking need: Our feel-good atmosphere, trusting togetherness, plenty of peace and time will ensure that you feel perfectly cared for and treated well at our Eppendorf Centre dental practice at all times. We work holistically. The causes of many dental diseases go far beyond what goes on in the mouth. In our treatment, the whole body is involved. True to our motto: “Feel. Think. Treat.”

The root of the evil is not always the tooth.

Scientifically, it has long been proven that diseases of the teeth are closely linked to internal diseases. Thus, periodontitis is a clear indication of a weakened immune system. Here, naturopathy, acupuncture and kinesiology can help to achieve great treatment successes. Disturbance field diagnostics is also a perfect complement to traditional dental diagnostics. Because whoever wants to provide healthy teeth, must support the entire body.

Everything in harmony with nature

We are committed to sustainable natural dentistry, so nearly all of our materials are bio-certified. We test each patient individually for compatibility of the materials used. By doing so we can guarantee the highest level of durability, quality and aesthetics for your laboratory-made and immediate white fillings.

All beginning is holistic

For a successful and holistic treatment single experts are not enough. This requires a well-organised and competent team, which harmonises well and individually accompanies you from reception to treatment. At the Eppendorf Centre Hamburg, we see ourselves as an interface that unites all dental specialties in one practice and integrates specialists from other medical areas into the treatment process. This allows us to advise you in the best possible way.