Holistic Dentistry and Biological Dentistry – the new crown of science.

Nowadays our body today has a lot to deal with: Overload, stress, environmental toxins, stimulants such as coffee, cigarettes and sugar attack body and health. But also bad teeth, implants, substances such as amalgam and other risky materials can increase health risks. The consequences are chronic diseases such as immune deficiency, headaches, rheumatism, multiple sclerosis or cancer. Biological dentistry makes it its mission to sustain the body in healing.

Treatment hand in hand.

When holistic dentistry looks at the entire body, it needs the right experts. That’s why with us you’ll find excellent specialists from different disciplines under one roof: Physiotherapists, homeopaths, osteopaths, ENT doctors and orthopaedists who are constantly training for you and working hand in hand. In this way you do not waste any time and have the certainty that examinations and diagnoses can be coordinated and retrieved by anyone. So the left hand always knows what the right hand has already done.

Holistic orthodontics

Sufficient space for permanent teeth, wrong swallowing, bad thumb sucking, status of the joints and musculature are included in the diagnosis and treatment.

Holistic periodontal treatment

Cause of periodontitis can be an immune deficiency? As a result, this can be triggered by an imbalance of bacteria and fungi in the gut. We include this diagnostically and therapeutically.

Disturbance field diagnostics and therapy

For us dentists disturbance fields are things such as dead teeth, displaced wisdom teeth, bone and root inflammation, and incompatible metals such as amalgam. To strengthen the self-healing of the body, we use treatments such as homeopathy and neural therapy.

Our services

Professional teeth cleaning

Amalgam restoration

Gum treatment

Professional teeth whitening

Aesthetic tooth correction

Dentures and prosthetics

(3D) Implantology

Root canal treatment (endodontics)

TMJ treatment – CMD

Sports Dentistry

Master laboratory

Network medicine

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