Aesthetic tooth correction: Invisalign & Veneers

Crooked teeth or missing teeth can be corrected with various methods. For one thing, one can work with veneers. This is a thin and metal-free ceramic layer applied to the teeth for a high-quality aesthetic correction of your smile. This method is especially well suited for allergic people because of its better compatibility.

Another possibility of aesthetic tooth correction is Invisalign ( Many dentists around the world are already using this advanced technology. You get a range of custom-made, virtually invisible splints that you can wear and change at home every day – on average every 1 to 2 weeks. Gently, efficiently and precisely, each new splint brings you closer to your new smile, step by step. This allows you to harmonise both, the position of the front teeth, as well as making corrections of the teeth. Especially for adults, but also for teenagers, this often saves the unloved fixed braces.

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