Network medicine – hand in hand and under one roof

When holistic dentistry looks at the entire body, it needs the right experts. That’s why you’ll find excellent network specialists from different disciplines under one roof: Orthodontics, oral surgery, physiotherapists, homeopaths, radiologists and orthopaedists who are constantly training for you and cooperate hand in hand with our team.

In this way you do not waste any time and have the certainty that examinations and diagnoses can be coordinated and retrieved by anyone. So the left hand always knows what the right hand has already done.

Our services

Professional teeth cleaning

Amalgam restoration

Gum treatment

Professional teeth whitening

Aesthetic tooth correction

Dentures and prosthetics

(3D) Implantology

Root canal treatment (endodontics)

TMJ treatment – CMD

Sports Dentistry

Master laboratory

Network medicine

Financing and Consultation